Qwa Qwa Newsletter March/April/May 2018

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed Using Scripture Union materials and programmes

Registration Number: 137-284 NPO

Qwa Qwa Newsletter

March/April/May 2018

Nature is so very beautiful and we miss so much unless we take time to stop and look around and praise the Lord for His wonderful creation as well as His amazing love for us all. How great is our God and how blessed are we all. From large wild animals to minute flying insects we see the hand of our God in all these things.

Health Issues.

Finally we are getting down to writing a newsletter. The past three months have been filled with a lot of activities and challenges. Reg has had a lot of trouble with dizziness and weakness. At times he is not able to stand or even sit but has to lie down. Yet by the grace of God he has managed to carry on with the work. There have been days when he has not been able to get up, but praise God these are few and far between. Not sure what causes this problem. Just lately he has suffered from a chest infection. Praise the Lord he is getting stronger by the day. Yet the work goes on by the grace of the Lord.

Water and electricity issues.

Over the past months there have been a lot of power outages and water cuts. One of their favoured times for cutting the power and the water seems to be the weekends and particularly Sunday mornings when people are getting ready for church. This has adversely affected attendances at churches as people have trouble getting enough water to wash and also not having the power to warm the water. Yet the services continue and are fairly well attended. The water problem has caused big problems at the Mustard Seed. The children and the workers have to take containers to a water point in a nearby village to collect water. This has to be done twice a day to ensure that there is water for drinking, cooking, washing bodies and clothes. It is quite an exercise. The Mustard Seed has an ongoing problem with water shortages. The pipes are corroded so there is no running water into the house. They rely on supply from the municipal water tankers. These now seem to be out of action, so the morning and evening trek to get water continues. Please pray that a better house in a good location can be obtained, where there is a continual supply of running water, and a constant supply of power. The power supply has been an issue for years in this area, but there is no reason for water cuts. The dams are full after the good summer rains. Some areas that have had a water supply in the past now have no water supply at all. It seems that the pipes that feed the villages, and water pipes in the villages are corroding and there are many leaks. Under The ANC council there has been no routine maintenance since 1994. Instead of repairing the damaged infrastructure they choose to shut the water supply off four or five days. Then turn it on again for a few days until the water starts running in the streets from the various leaks. Then it is switched off again. Lately we have not been able to do any work on the newsletter as they keep switching the power off during the day. Today it is nine o’clock in the morning and the power is still on. Praise the Lord. So for the first time in a week we are able to work on getting the newsletter done. That did not last for too long as they shut the power down again. After two and a half weeks of trying we have at last finished the newsletter working during the periods when the power is on.

Witsieshoek Primary School SU Camp. 20th – 23rd April.

At this camp Cynthia and Reg were invited to be the camp speakers. Not sure why as we work with the children every Wednesday at the school. Yet the children did receive the word with open hearts.

The venue for the camp was the Drakensville Holiday Resort. The school was assigned one of the resorts personnel. His duties were to manage the children at the foofie?!! slide, take them for a hike, play various games and do certain activities with them. Cynthia and I were to do the spiritual input.

We had a very energetic bunch of 31 young children who exhausted both us, their one teacher and the principal of the school!! But they had a really good time and learnt much from the Bible, including the books of the New Testament and where to find the various verses referred to. There was also opportunity to pray for many of the children individually. Many of these children are very keen to serve Jesus. We look forward to good results that are glorifying to the Lord through the lives of these precious children. As we continue sharing with them on Wednesday’s during school term there will be ample opportunity to build on the foundations laid previously and at the camp.

Mountain Ministries Church Youth Camp. 4th – 6th May.

We had been saving up money and recycling many empties, receiving a small amount each time compared to the price of the camp fees. We postponed for 1 year and eventually had just enough to run the camp – including transport fees and gifts to Pastor Sello and Martha for their ministry. We were at the Oban Guest Farm in van Reenen who gave us a special price.

The camp was a wonderful experience for 20 of our youth and they testified of how the Lord had touched them through the games, songs and talks. One of the highlights was the separated talks to the girls and the guys which we, of course, were not allowed to go to!! They spoke very freely to Martha and Sello and asked many questions. We trust this camp weekend will have many lasting results in the lives of our youth and it will be worth all the sacrifices made to make it happen.

Some were so moved upon by the Holy Spirit, they just can’t stop talking about what the Lord did for them at the camp. They can’t wait for the next camp and keep asking when it will be!! But this time, they say, it must not just be a week end but at least four or five days, and include other churches. Well, they will have to help us more this time and contribute at least some of the fees to make it happen and work hard at raising funds. But above all we will trust God to raise the funds.

Following up on the camp we have been studying the call of Paul the apostle in Acts 9; 22; 26, as well as the call of Jeremiah, Jeremiah chapter 1, challenging them to open their hearts to the call of God on their lives. Some have been worked upon by the Holy Spirit, and one young lady comes to church with a note pad and pen and takes notes of the teachings.

The Mustard Seed. An urgent need for prayer.

Some of the workers who were dismissed, after the shocking lies they spread on social media about the supposed sexual activities going on at the Mustard Seed, and by way of letters, containing lies about the rape of children that went on at the Mustard Seed, sent to the sponsors and Social Welfare, have gone to the CCMA, asking their reinstatement or compensation. At the hearing the commissioner would not accept that their lies were a serious enough offence to dismiss the workers, even though it had caused the loss of a significant amount of sponsorship money. There is going to be another hearing at which Social Welfare, Julia, Reg and some members of the board of Mountain Ministries must appear and state our case. If the decision goes against us CCMA will demand that these workers are compensated for unfair dismissal. The problem is that if these three workers succeed in winning the case, all the dismissed workers will want compensation. Neither the Mustard Seed, nor Mountain Ministries have the funds to pay the five thousand rand each they are asking. Please pray that the commissioner will see the validity of the reasons for the dismissal of these workers.

The supply of food to the poor.

Praise God for the donations from His Place Church, Hastings, in England, who so faithfully support this project. Through these donations thirty four families receive some food aid every month. This does not include a number of others who come to the gate looking for Maize Meal. Praise the Lord, we have not had to turn anyone away. There are about one hundred people who benefit from this project. Most of these are widows, a number of orphans, child headed families and single ladies and their children, some of them have six or seven children.


Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support for us and the work here. This work depends so much on your support. We appreciate each one of you for holding us up before the Lord. Like Moses our arms get tired and we need the prayers and the encouragement of our family in Christ. Thank you all so much for all that you do for us.

Love in the Lord

Cynthia, Julia and Reg

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