Qwa Qwa Newsletter June/July 2018

Mountain Ministries
Incorporating: The Mustard Seed
Using Scripture Union materials and programmes
Registration Number: 137-284 NPO
Qwa Qwa Newsletter
June/July 2018

Our God is great. Our God controls the planets in their orbits; Our God and Father controls the destiny of men and of nations. He works all things together for good to those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. He also works out all things according to the counsel of his will. Therefore we can rest in his love at all times; because not only is he our Great God he is also our loving Father and our faithful God. He is God in all circumstances.

The Mustard Seed.
Praise God for his faithfulness. He has blessed the Mustard Seed with the continued support from the USA, thank you Scott Johnston and all the faithful donors. He has also blessed all the children with warm sleeping bags for the cold winter’s nights. Thank you Wendell from Circle of Faith for the sleeping bags, but also the clothes and shoes delivered to the orphanage. The children are very thankful for the sleeping bags that keep them warm in bed. Thank you too, to the teachers and pupils of Ed-U-College, for the food and clothing etc delivered to the Mustard Seed.

Praise God for his faithfulness.
During the school holidays we got together with the children of the Mustard Seed, over two days before the HBC, for games and activities and sharing the Word of God. The children enjoyed the different games and a number listened intently to the Bible teachings. On the last day they asked, “Are you coming again tomorrow?” Unfortunately we could not, as the next day had been set aside for the buying and distribution of food for the poor. They were so disappointed, but they had the HBC to look forward to.

In the March, April, May newsletter we explained about how workers, who were dismissed for spreading lies to our donors and Social Services, laid a complaint with the CCMA for unfair dismissal. The next hearing is on the 30th July.

Please pray that they will not succeed in their bid to be reinstated, or for compensation. They are claiming R5000 each. Neither the Mustard Seed nor Mountain Ministries have the funds to pay them. One plus is that Social Services will be attending the hearing and will explain why the workers were dismissed.

Health Issues
Thank you so much for your prayers concerning our health. Cynthia is much better. Reg has not had a chest infection since May, in spite of a some very cold weather during July. I have not had a severe dizzy spell since early May and the constant dizziness has eased considerably. Praise the Lord for answers to prayer.

Heather is still battling with the MS. The winter has not helped her very much. Thank you for you prayers.

Holiday Bible Club
The HBC went very well with between 180 to 220 children present during each day of the HBC. We split the children into two groups: toddlers grade three’s and grade four’s and above. Each group had about five to six leaders leading in various activities and games. The games were followed by learning the memory verse for the day and a Bible teaching each day. The theme for the teachings were the miracles of Jesus. The children had a great time playing soccer and traditional games, and enjoyed the other games. Many children listened intently to the Bible teachings, unfortunately we had a few distractions from the older boys. But the Word did go forth and will bear fruit in the lives of these children. They also learnt the memory verses with great enthusiasm. On the last day about eleven children could recite all the verses learnt over the week, while others could remember one, two or three.

Thank you to our faithful leaders who always work so hard to make each HBC special for the children. Thank you to those who contribute toward the costs of the HBC. Unfortunately we were not able to provide a meal for the children after each days activities, never the less they still came out to enjoy the games and teachings. They received sweets as prizes and snacks as they left to go home each day. Praise God for the privilege to share with the children.

The church
Since the camp in May the young people have been very enthusiastic. They are much more regular in their church attendance, and their attendance at the Bible studies, the Friday night meetings and the music practice. As the worship group grows the praise and worship in the church is becoming much more enthusiastic and meaningful.

Some of this enthusiasm is beginning to rub off onto other members of the congregation. Praise God.

There is a desire to have another camp early next year. Please pray that the young people will work hard at raising funds, and that sponsors will be found to give something toward the camp. It took two years of hard work to raise the funds for the camp in May this year.

Food Project
Praise God for the His Place Church in Hastings, England, who give toward this project that supplies food to many very poor families. The number of mainly women and children has grown to well over a hundred and more people look for help with food every month. Please pray that we will receive enough funds to cover the increasing demand for food aid. Most people who receive food help are very grateful and some cannot express their gratitude adequately.

We praise God for your faithful prayers for us and for your encouragement in the work. Sometimes things become very difficult, but your prayers sustain us. Thank you. Praise God too for your generous donations for us personally and for the ministry. We thank God for each one of you, and appreciate you.

Love in the Lord
Cynthia, Julia and Reg

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