Qwa Qwa Newsletter September/October 2018

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed

Using Scripture Union materials and programmes

Registration Number: 137-284 NPO

Qwa Qwa Newsletter

September/October 2018

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided.
Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me!

This chorus from T O Chisholm inspiring hymn, based on Lamentations 3:22 – 23, has proved to be so true over many years. Our God is faithful. He never fails us, nor forsakes us. God has shown Himself faithful over the years we have been here in Qwa Qwa. Whenever we have been confronted by challenges, whether health, spiritual, emotional, financial, etc, God has always come through for us. He has always comforted, upheld, strengthened and provided for us, so that we could carry on with the work here. He has been our strong tower, our refuge, our strength and our provider. He again proved that He is a faithful God in our financial crisis over these past few months. All praise to our God and Father; our faithful God. Thank you to each one of you for praying, and for giving so generously, you were the instruments our God used to meet our needs. Thank you, may our God bless you with His abundance and continue to empower you to serve Him in all things in Christ Jesus.

Holiday Bible Club

The theme for the Holiday Bible Club was the uniqueness of each individual person. The aim was to emphasise that each child is a unique creation of God; each child is special; not one child is a mistake; God has a unique plan for each child, and in Christ we are recreated in the image of God to be like Jesus. The children listened intently to the messages and learnt the Bible verses with gusto. The talks were all based on Psalm 139:13 – 16. These same verses made up the memory verses. On the last day a number of children could recite all the verses off by heart. We trust the Holy Spirit to burn these Scriptures into their hearts, so that they will grow up knowing that they have a future and a hope in Christ in God.

About 120 children attended the first day and this number grew to 180 – 190 on the final day. The children do so enjoy the games and the activities. It keeps them off the streets during the holidays, and gives them something to do that is constructive. Praise God for our faithful leaders who run the games and the activities, who teach the memory verses and share the gospel talks. We could never do this without their help. Thank you to our hard working leaders.

Our next HBC will be in December, and thanks to ITC Christian Fellowship in the Netherlands we will be able to provide food after each day’s activities. Praise God!!

The Food Project

Praise God to the His Place Church from Hastings, England, who send money each month, for the feeding of the poor, the widows, the orphans, single mothers and their children. The people who receive help with food are very appreciative of the help they get. They send their thanks to the church. Thank you for your generous gifts toward this project. There are thirty eight families that receive food aid.

The Mustard Seed

Some of the children are slowly beginning to grasp some of the things we are trying to teach them. They are beginning to understand aspects of God and His character; Jesus and His life and ministry; as well as some lessons from the Old Testament. Some are asking questions about the afterlife and Jesus second coming. Some of them enjoy answering questions about the previous weeks Bible message. Yet they still have difficulty in breaking with the traditions and superstitions of their elders, e.g. putting salt in the cupboards to keep the demons out, or cutting the neck of a new born baby to get the evil out of the child. Slowly but surely they are beginning to see the light. They love to watch the Jesus movie, and some listen intently to the Bible message we give each Thursday afternoon. The children have been taught about the miracles of Jesus, but lately we have been teaching them about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Currently we are looking at the life of Joseph.

Praise God for His wonderful goodness in providing for the needs of the Mustard Seed. Students from The University of the Free State, Qwa Qwa Campus, delivered food and children’s clothes to the home. Thank you for your kindness.

Church Services.

The services have been going well with varying numbers depending on the availability of water and electricity!! They really love singing the songs – mostly Sotho songs – and our music team do a very good job of leading the congregation. Lately Reg has been teaching on the five witnesses concerning Jesus as the Son of God found in John 5:31 – 47. Jesus cites the testimonies of John the Baptist, His miracles, the witness of the Father, the Scriptures and Moses. These witnesses leave no doubt that Jesus is who he claimed to be, the Son of God.

In October we had another combined prayer meeting at the Lusaka church. Prayer was concentrated on the country and its leadership. Then the Holy Spirit moved us to pray for revival and rain. There was also prayer for the leadership of the three churches.

Urgent Prayer Items.

Rain: Rain: Rain!!! God is Able to change weather patterns. None of the vegetables that we have planted have come up yet. The weather is too dry. We had one period of good rain a few weeks back, but it is not enough. We need regular showers of rain. Our God is Able.

Suitable land for a suitable building. Please pray with us that the Lord will give us a suitable stand on which to build a community centre. The UGENT NEED is for a large hall with a kitchen, three storerooms, and an office. The hall needs to be large enough to run the Holiday Bible Clubs in, in cases of severe heat or rain. The kitchen is needed so that we can cook for the HBC and other church functions on the premises. The three secure and equipped storerooms are: for the food for distribution, clothes that we are sent for distribution, all the HBC and church equipment. Recently we have been blessed with a large quantity of clothes, mainly for teenagers and women. Thank you Gisele, Farell, Connie and Grace. They occupy a large area of the office. We need a place where they can be packed out neatly and people can come and see what fits them. I am finding the delivering of the food parcels very tiring. But it is better than having three, four or five people at your gate on a regular basis asking for food. The plan is to have someone in the office on set days during the month to distribute the food and clothes. The vision is to have a centre where we can have an orphanage; a home for the elderly, especially widows; recreational facilities for the children and the young people of the surrounding villages. The aim being to keep them from the taverns and all the evils associated with these. Pray that the Lord will release finance to fulfil the vision. From the human standpoint, this is mission impossible; BUT OUR GOD is able.

Workers. As Cynthia and I are both in our seventies, we need younger people to come into the ministry to learn and to be introduced to our contacts, in order for them to take over the work from us. Please pray that the Lord will give grace to the young men and women we are training up, that they will grow up in Christ and will be able to carry on with the work when we are no longer able to.

Acts 2: 42 Network Retreat

Praise God for an inspiring and challenging time away with the leaders of the other Acts 2 42 Network churches. Topics which were dealt with were “The Five-Fold Ministry”, followed by a question and answer session, “Growing and expanding the Local Church” followed by an open discussion, when many shared their thoughts on growing the church. Through a SWOT analysis we considered the strengths and weaknesses of the church and how to strengthen the weaknesses in the church without weakening its strengths. There was a session where ladies and men met separately, the ladies looking into the role of women in the church and the men considering the role of the pastors. This was mainly a brief teaching and a discussion. Then there was a session on “Family Values”. This did not get very far as there were many points of discussion concerning the role of husbands and wives. This showed up the cultural differences between how some people saw these roles and how others saw them. The discussion then, somehow moved onto dress code. In spite of differences of opinion this was a bonding experience in which we could get some understanding of each others’ opinions. The evening meetings were straight forward preaching sessions where those preaching could chose their own subject and preach their hearts out. The final meeting on the Monday was a communion service and the theme was “Holiness.” Praise God for a very instructive time together. Due to circumstances beyond anybodies control our network leaders, Claude and Yvonne Jaques were not able to attend the retreat. We missed you so much, and Jeanie who was helping Yvonne was also missed. We also missed Dave and Liz Pass who had returned from a mission trip to Brazil not long before the retreat. Also sorry that Sam was not able to attend.


Thank you so very much for praying for us in this ministry. We are very dependent on the prayers of God’s people. Thank you too for your financial support for us and the work. Without you, our faithful prayers and givers, we will not be able to accomplish anything. We appreciate each one of you who bear us up in prayer and for our very faithful donors. Thank you so much.

Much love in Jesus,
Reg and Cynthia Schafer and Julia O Connell.

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