Qwa Qwa Youth Camp Appeal Letter

Dear Family and Friends
Last year the Lord provided for us to hold a camp for the young people of Mountain Ministries. Twenty young people, two camp speakers, Cynthia and I set off to Oban Guest Farm, where we had good spiritual input, some fun activities and good food. This camp had a tremendous spiritual impact on the lives of most of the campers. The majority of those who attended are now active in the church, the music group and the youth group. Through their influence the youth group has grown to over thirty, with many involved in the music group. We praise God for this, because only He provides spiritual growth.
This year there are thirty eight young people who want to attend the camp, plus the two speakers and Cynthia and I. The young people have been collecting money as best they can. Some are in school and do not have much money, others are at university, the rest are out of school and are unemployed. Many are not able to pay anything. There have also been many trips to the recycling depot, where we sell recycling material. Cynthia and I have also put much into the fund. We have also had donations coming in, but in spite of our best efforts we have come up short on our funding.
If you are able to donate toward this camp, or if you may know of anyone who will be able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. If the spiritual impact at this camp, is anything like the previous camp, many of these lives will be changed, and who knows where this can go. A number of those who want to attend are relatively new in the church, and are not yet born again. Christian camps have changed the lives of many young people. These young people have very little to look forward to in life, and this camp could be the beginning of new life in Christ for some.
This is also an appeal for you to pray with us that the funding will come through so that the obligations for the camp will be met.
Yours in Christ
Reg and Cynthia Schafer
If you are able to donate please deposit into the following account:
Name of Account: Youth Fund. Bank: Capitec, Acc No 1428522466, Branch code: 470010
For overseas donors please Nedbank Current Account as in newletter.

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