Qwa Qwa Newsletter June/July 2018

Mountain Ministries
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Qwa Qwa Newsletter
June/July 2018

Our God is great. Our God controls the planets in their orbits; Our God and Father controls the destiny of men and of nations. He works all things together for good to those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. He also works out all things according to the counsel of his will. Therefore we can rest in his love at all times; because not only is he our Great God he is also our loving Father and our faithful God. He is God in all circumstances.

The Mustard Seed.
Praise God for his faithfulness. He has blessed the Mustard Seed with the continued support from the USA, thank you Scott Johnston and all the faithful donors. He has also blessed all the children with warm sleeping bags for the cold winter’s nights. Thank you Wendell from Circle of Faith for the sleeping bags, but also the clothes and shoes delivered to the orphanage. The children are very thankful for the sleeping bags that keep them warm in bed. Thank you too, to the teachers and pupils of Ed-U-College, for the food and clothing etc delivered to the Mustard Seed.

Praise God for his faithfulness.
During the school holidays we got together with the children of the Mustard Seed, over two days before the HBC, for games and activities and sharing the Word of God. The children enjoyed the different games and a number listened intently to the Bible teachings. On the last day they asked, “Are you coming again tomorrow?” Unfortunately we could not, as the next day had been set aside for the buying and distribution of food for the poor. They were so disappointed, but they had the HBC to look forward to.

In the March, April, May newsletter we explained about how workers, who were dismissed for spreading lies to our donors and Social Services, laid a complaint with the CCMA for unfair dismissal. The next hearing is on the 30th July.

Please pray that they will not succeed in their bid to be reinstated, or for compensation. They are claiming R5000 each. Neither the Mustard Seed nor Mountain Ministries have the funds to pay them. One plus is that Social Services will be attending the hearing and will explain why the workers were dismissed.

Health Issues
Thank you so much for your prayers concerning our health. Cynthia is much better. Reg has not had a chest infection since May, in spite of a some very cold weather during July. I have not had a severe dizzy spell since early May and the constant dizziness has eased considerably. Praise the Lord for answers to prayer.

Heather is still battling with the MS. The winter has not helped her very much. Thank you for you prayers.

Holiday Bible Club
The HBC went very well with between 180 to 220 children present during each day of the HBC. We split the children into two groups: toddlers grade three’s and grade four’s and above. Each group had about five to six leaders leading in various activities and games. The games were followed by learning the memory verse for the day and a Bible teaching each day. The theme for the teachings were the miracles of Jesus. The children had a great time playing soccer and traditional games, and enjoyed the other games. Many children listened intently to the Bible teachings, unfortunately we had a few distractions from the older boys. But the Word did go forth and will bear fruit in the lives of these children. They also learnt the memory verses with great enthusiasm. On the last day about eleven children could recite all the verses learnt over the week, while others could remember one, two or three.

Thank you to our faithful leaders who always work so hard to make each HBC special for the children. Thank you to those who contribute toward the costs of the HBC. Unfortunately we were not able to provide a meal for the children after each days activities, never the less they still came out to enjoy the games and teachings. They received sweets as prizes and snacks as they left to go home each day. Praise God for the privilege to share with the children.

The church
Since the camp in May the young people have been very enthusiastic. They are much more regular in their church attendance, and their attendance at the Bible studies, the Friday night meetings and the music practice. As the worship group grows the praise and worship in the church is becoming much more enthusiastic and meaningful.

Some of this enthusiasm is beginning to rub off onto other members of the congregation. Praise God.

There is a desire to have another camp early next year. Please pray that the young people will work hard at raising funds, and that sponsors will be found to give something toward the camp. It took two years of hard work to raise the funds for the camp in May this year.

Food Project
Praise God for the His Place Church in Hastings, England, who give toward this project that supplies food to many very poor families. The number of mainly women and children has grown to well over a hundred and more people look for help with food every month. Please pray that we will receive enough funds to cover the increasing demand for food aid. Most people who receive food help are very grateful and some cannot express their gratitude adequately.

We praise God for your faithful prayers for us and for your encouragement in the work. Sometimes things become very difficult, but your prayers sustain us. Thank you. Praise God too for your generous donations for us personally and for the ministry. We thank God for each one of you, and appreciate you.

Love in the Lord
Cynthia, Julia and Reg

Qwa Qwa Newsletter January February 2018

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed

Using Scripture Union materials and programmes

Registration Number: 137-284 NPO

Qwa Qwa Newsletter

January/February 2018

WOW!!! Extreme heat, then extreme cold (for 2 days), then heat again with rain in between! The weather is always changing and bringing with it a variety of problems (or rather challenges) for us to deal with – dry vegetable patches, drooping plants, dry streams then flooded streams carrying all sorts of rubbish down to the main river through Qwa Qwa. You cannot believe what these people throw into their water supply and all over the roads and pavements!! We try to teach the children a better way but until their parents set a good example, we cannot win. The changes also bring a variety of diseases, including a water-borne germ causing diarrhoea, vomiting and fever.

Things may change but our God is Bigger than these things. “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world”. Amen and praise the Lord. Our health is improving, most of our vegetables are recovering slowly with a bit of tender, loving care and we can still live off the garden to a certain extent.


In February many hundreds of people downed tools and took to the streets of Qwa Qwa for five days. Tuesday to Monday. All schools and businesses were closed. There were no bread or milk deliveries. In fact nothing was delivered to any shops. All the main roads were blocked with burning tyres, burning branches and grass, big rocks, metal barricades and stones. These were all manned by thugs, who saw an opportunity to capitalise on the situation. “Pay R 200, and you can pass.” On the first day of the protests, many shops in the main shopping centre were vandalised and looted. It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration, but unfortunately the thug element always comes to the fore. It was so bad that the army had to be called in to keep a semblance of order. But they concentrated on the central shopping areas. The children of the Mustard Seed Children’s shelter, not knowing what was happening, went to school only to be attacked by these thugs. Most escaped, a few were caught, beaten and had their clothes torn. On the Wednesday a young lad at the Mustard Seed became quite ill. He had to get to a hospital. The Lord was with us. He protected us and took us safely there and back with very little incident. On the way back Reg had to get out of the vehicle to clear stones and rocks out of the road. The Lord protected us as none of the guys manning the road block tried to stop him. A few kilometres further along the main road, a group of thugs tried to block our way by rolling a big rock in our way. By the grace of God we managed to go around it and get safely home. David wrote, “O Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer, you shield my head in the day of battle.” Our faithful God did shield us as we travelled. Praise the Lord.


The Bible Club continued during January but February was interrupted by the protests against the mayor and the extra after-school classes that were held to catch up the missed work. However the scholars are looking forward to the camp in April and we are opening it up to the whole school to those who can pay the fees as places are still available. On Monday we went to the school bright and early to advertise the camp and speak at the Parade (Assembly). We also shared the Gospel with the children and spoke to the teachers and prayed with them. We trust all will go well and we will be able to fill the camp hostel at Drakensville.


Our church youth are really looking forward to their camp in May. We have all been collecting and recycling all sorts and colours of bottles, tins and plastics to raise some of the money to cover the cost of this camp which was postponed from last year May. We will be at the Orban Guest Farm in Van Reenen, who are giving us a special price due to the fact that we are from a rural area with many orphans and widows. Pastor Sello will be coming down from Soweto to be our guest speaker. As he knows many of our young people he is very suited to share with them on their level.

We are still quite a bit short of the fees for the camp as well as travelling costs for Pastor S and all the youth campers. Any contributions will be very much appreciated, whether large or small.


The church in Lusaka is growing in spite of the fact that when the young people finish their schooling, they move on to the cities to find work, and certain of the older people also move to other churches. The Sunday School at Lusaka is also thriving, as is the youth work. The Lusaka church, unlike the church in Mabolela, is blessed with many talented singers who lead the worship in the church. The music group have the ability to involve the people in rousing praise and deep worship. The times of praise and worship are truly moving experiences. Praise God that a number of these young people are truly committed to the Lord Jesus. A group of young men also go to an outreach work between Kestel and Harrismith, each Saturday and Sunday, to visit and then run the service on the Sunday. Pray that this work will be established in the Lord. Pray for Joseph and Joyce Zwane who head up this work. Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom and strength in the work. Pray for their finances, that the Lord will provide for their needs. Joseph needs a new vehicle to carry on with his work of transporting children to school. Our God is a God of miracles, so pray with us for a new vehicle for him. This is his bread and butter.

The church in Mabolela has out grown the class room where we meet. Soon we will need a bigger place to meet. Pray that the Lord will provide. Our sound system has collapsed, but we still praise the Lord with passion and verve. Teaching has been centred on the life of Jesus. On Thursdays we teach the children at the Mustard Seed. Slowly the message is getting through to these abused, neglected and orphan children. Then a team goes out visiting to pray with and encourage people. In this way we are reaching shut-ins, children and widows. Our young leaders are maturing and growing in Jesus. Pray that the Lord will grow them up more and more in Jesus, that they will be able to take on more responsibility. Pray that the Lord will send a young couple to help in the work here, who can help with the training of the young leaders.


Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support for us and the work here. This work depends so much on your support. We appreciate each one of you for holding us up before the Lord. Like Moses our arms get tired and we need the prayers and the encouragement of our family in Christ. Thank you all so much for all that you do for us.

Love in the Lord

Cynthia, Julia and Reg

Qwa Qwa Newsletter November 2017

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed
Using Scripture Union materials and programmes
Registration Number: 137-284 NPO
Qwa Qwa Newsletter
November 2017

In spite of the recent rains the two streams close to the house have stopped flowing, our bean plants are battling to cling onto life, and some of our gem squash plants are struggling to develop. There has been a shortfall in the rain this year. The Western Cape particularly and other areas are facing an unprecedented water shortage. Factions in
the ruling party are adversely affecting good governance and service delivery, while the majority of the nation suffer. It is a time when we as the true church of Jesus Christ should arise and pray and repent on behalf of our nation.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
And seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,
then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.

In the early morning I walk our dogs. Often we walk down to the stream furtherest from our home. This stream has never stopped flowing in all the years we have been living here. This year it has stopped flowing. It flows after rain but soon stops flowing again and in parts it is dry. Well I often go down to the stream and pray for rain to fall on our
land, and especially for rain over the Western Cape. Lord have mercy upon us. We repent of all the wickedness that is perpetrated in our nation. We have sinned and gone after our own gods and have not sought you the true and Living God. In your mercy forgive our sin and send the rain from heaven, that the streams will flow and the rivers run and the dams fill up: that there may be water for man and beast: that food may grow in abundance for man and beast. Thank you that you are a God who answers the prayers of your people. You alone can send the rain and to you alone belongs all glory, honour and power.

Health Issues

Heather is recovering from her op and the sessions at the dentist in JHB.

I have returned home but am still battling with dizziness. It turns out it is an infection in both ears. I also have this constant buzzing in my ears and along with this there are these headaches that occur on and off, as well as pain in the ears. I have been on drops for the ears and will see the doctor again today. Now on stronger antibiotics for the infection. I know that The Lord will heal this problem. The rest in JHB has done me a lot of good. I am no longer so exhausted and weak. But I do realise, that having had a physical melt down twice in three or four months, I need to be careful not to take on too much. I need to do the things the Lord wants me to do and not the urgent things.

One other thing, the eye infection I had a while back has left permanent scaring on the cornea of my right eye. I discovered this when I went for an eye test for new glasses. There is not much vision in the right eye. The eye guy couldn’t get a decent reading from the eye. Even with these new glasses I do not see as well as I was hoping I would. But we need to let my eyes settle in to the new lenses, and trust the Lord for clearer vision.

In all these issues we trust in the Lord who is our Healer, knowing also that his grace is sufficient for us.

The Koreans are coming

A group of Korean pastors will be visiting Qwa Qwa from the 14 th – 20 th November. The group is led by pastor Kuak. It has been a long time since they have visited here. They will visit us at our home on the 18 th and then look over the Mustard Seed. Please pray with us for this visit. The Mustard Seed needs sponsors. We do not look to men, we look to the Lord and we believe that the Lord will raise up sponsors for this ministry. On Sunday the 19 th they will join us at our service at the school, where we are anticipating that pastor Kuak will preach. Please pray for this service.

The Witsieshoek Primary School

Last week Wednesday (8 th November) was our last session of the year at the school. It went very well with about sixty boisterous children charging around during the games. They settled very well for the lesson from the Bible and sang choruses with fervour. They are all very excited that there will be a camp in April 2018.


We appreciate the fact that so many of you have been praying for us. We are strengthened by the Lord through your prayers. Thank you too for your financial support for us and the work here. We do appreciate your generosity in giving even in these economically difficult times. Thank you.

Thank you to His Place Church for your ongoing support for feeding the very poor and orphans. There are close on 100 people, widows, orphans, children and very poor families benefit from the food project. Then we also have children, mothers and children and orphans coming to our home for food. Praise the Lord, that due to your generosity we have never turned anyone away empty handed. There is always something we can give to satisfy their hunger. God is so good.

Love in the Lord,

Cynthia, Julia and Reg

Qwa Qwa Newsletter June/July 2017

Incorporating The Mustard Seed

Using Scripture Union materials and programmes

Qwa Qwa Newsletter

June/July 2017


In the early afternoon of Sunday, 9 th July, there was a thin line of fire burning the grass coming around the mountain behind us. It was quite high up and didn’t seem to be a problem at all. But by the evening it was a raging fire coming towards us in 2 rows of high flames!! Looking at the flames coming toward us we began making plans to fight the fire if it did come into our property. First we prayed and asked others to pray with us. Then we phoned some of the young people to come and help. The garden hose, that had been stored away in the storeroom for so long due to the water shortage was brought out, only to find that during its long hibernation someone had taken all the fittings. As the fire swept toward our property at an alarming rate, we phoned the fire department. We also cut branches off green trees to use to try to kill the flames. In the mean time we had several people praying for the situation. Before any of the helpers, or the fire trucks arrived, I went up to the boundary fence where the fire was closest and shouted into the darkening twilight, “So far and no further, in Jesus Name,” then went back to see what else needed to be done. At that point five of the young men from the church arrived followed by the fire trucks. There was no need to fight the fire. God stopped it from reaching our property. Our God is GOOD. He certainly protects his people. The next morning I went to inspect the scene of the fire. It had stopped about twenty five to thirty meters from the boundary fence. In other places it had burnt right down the mountain side. The Lord saved the day. Thanks for your prayers.


During the July holidays we held a mini HBC at the Mustard Seed for the orphans and others who came from the villages nearby. The children enjoyed the games, Bible stories and Bible verses. We were not able to give them a cooked meal due to lack of funds but were able to give them and the leaders packets of sniggles and oranges. Most of the children appreciate what we do for them and we thank the Lord for the spiritual growth we see in some of them. It is a slow, steady progress and we also thank the Lord for His faithfulness in dealing with them.


We continue to run a weekly Bible Club at Witsieshoek Primary school.

This term we have started a Bible Club at the Mustard Seed every Thursday using a course of Bible stories called the Greatest Journey. This course covers both the Old and New Testaments with practical applications and is a good foundation for children up to the age of about 14. We trust that the children will get to know their Bibles better and get to know the Lord on a more personal level.


The Mabolela Church continues to meet every Sunday in a school classroom (although we are “bursting at the seams” on some Sundays) and in August we have planned to give Reg a break from preaching by having the sermons shared by the young men, who are attending the leadership training, the ladies and Joseph Zwane from the Lusaka Church. We look forward to seeing growth in the Church, the Sunday School and the weekly Bible Studies and Leaders meetings, as well as the Youth meetings on a Friday evening.

We have experienced a very cold winter and this has affected the attendances at some of our meetings, so we look forward to better numbers attending, as the weather (we hope) warms up a bit and the days slowly grow longer and longer as we approach the spring and summer seasons.

The Leadership Training

This has its challenges, but is an ongoing work. Discussions have centred round the gifts and the ministries in the church. Then we have also done some practical things like visiting those who used to come to the church, the sick, the dying, and the bereaved. Concerning the bereaved, there has been a number of opportunities to train. We have had three deaths, in the last while, where we have been called out to deal with the death of a loved one. So we had opportunities to share the Word and pray with those who have lost loved ones. There have also been opportunities to evangelise during our visits. One old lady of eighty, Mrs Moloi, opened her heart to the Lord, or should we say the Lord opened her heart to trust in Jesus. We praise God for her desire to receive Jesus. There was also an opportunity of sharing the gospel with a woman of thirty seven years, a few weeks before she passed away. After we had shared the good news about Jesus with her, she indicated she wanted to receive Jesus. We were asked to conduct the funeral service, so this gave us the opportunity to share with her daughters and to counsel them. The girls are regulars at our services. Now there is another child-headed home to look after. The oldest is seventeen, in grade eleven, and the youngest is five years old.

The Mustard Seed

There are people here in Qwa Qwa who are trying very hard to get Julia out of the Mustard Seed. They started some time back by telling lies to an American lady who was visiting the Mustard Seed. They told lies about Daniel, Julia’s twenty one year old son. They said Daniel beat the workers and hit the children. Unfortunately, these lies were believed, and spread. This caused the loss of some sponsors. Their aim was to get Daniel out of the house so that they could put pressure on Julia, to try to force her to leave. The old strategy, divide and conquer. These people are pushing very hard to take over the ministry. The latest lies concern Daniel and Julia. Certain workers were contacting the main donor in the USA saying Daniel is having sex with one of the ten year old girls, and Julia takes one of the older girls and fondles her in a sexual manner. This group of former employees of the Mustard Seed ( they have all subsequently been dismissed) have gone to the police and Social Services, to lay complaints against Julia and Daniel. Their complaints have been dismissed as they are unable to prove their allegations. None the less, they still contact the main donor and pass on their lies, and for some reason he would rather believe these people than Julia or myself. Then on Monday one of the current workers phoned social welfare claiming that the one year old baby had been raped. On medical examination the allegation was proved to be false. No one is willing to say who made the call to welfare. And so it goes on. On Saturday 6th August there will be a meeting, where these former workers will meet with Social Services and the board of Mountain Ministries, to try and get to the bottom of all these allegations. Please pray that the truth will come out and all lies exposed. The board of Mountain Ministries Have been asked to become more involved at the Mustard seed.

So sorry that there are no pictures. Someone has taken our camera and the charger. We now have to learn how to download pictures from our cell phones.


Thank you so much for praying for us and the work we are doing here. We face many challenges here and have to battle against rumours and lies against Cynthia and particularly against Reg. Some of them are very hurtful. These lies have also affected our funding and attendance at the meetings. So we do stand in need of your prayers. Thank you for praying. We know that ultimately we will be vindicated before God. One of the lies is, that Reg and Cynthia use the money given for the feeding of the people or the HBC’s and the church, and spend it on our personal needs. All ministry money is used for the ministry it was given for. We have accounts and receipts etc to prove this. Our books are audited by reputable auditors. So we are able to account for all ministry money. It seems that as a ministry we are under attack. Please pray for all these lies to be exposed for what they are, LIES form the pit of hell.

Thanks too for your continued support for our own personal needs and for the various branches of the ministry. May the Lord prosper you in all that you do and uphold you in his grace.

Love in the Lord
Cynthia, Julia and Reg

Qwa Qwa Newsletter April/May 2017

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed
Using Scripture Union materials and programmes
Registration Number: 137-284 NPO

Qwa Qwa Newsletter
April/May 2017

Brrrr…. Winter hit us suddenly in May with rain and snow on the Drakensberg and Maluti mountains!! A beautiful sight when the mist and clouds cleared but really cold for our bodies etc. But we are grateful to the Lord that we have a roof over our heads and warm beds to sleep in. He is faithful and supplies our needs even if it is at the “11th hour”.

Thank you so much to all who responded to our urgent call for finances during the earlier months of the year. May the Lord truly bless you abundantly and give you the desires of your hearts.

We are still looking to the Lord for more regular donors who will be committed to give a set amount each month to help us budget wisely.


The Learners at Witsieshoek Primary School look forward to Wednesdays when we run a SCG called “The Bible Club”. We use the hall (2 classrooms together) when it’s available or we all squash into one of the Christian teacher’s classroom!! We have good numbers most Wednesdays and the learners love to sing, play games, hear Bible stories and learn Bible verses. One of the games involves knowing the books of the Bible, especially the New Testament, so they learn as they play. Another camp is being planned for early next year and we trust we will have at least 50 children attending.


The Church services are going well with usually a full classroom. The preaching on the Greatness of God continues to be a blessing to many. Lately we have been teaching on the attributes of God. A number of people have been encouraged by the eternity of God, and the omnipresence of God. We obviously have to bring these terms down to the understanding of the people. But the teaching on God has truly given them a deeper insight into who our God really is and how wonderful he is.

The Sunday School is enjoyed by the children under 13 who are learning about Jesus, memorising Bible verses, playing appropriate games and singing both English and Sotho songs.

The youth praise, worship and pray most Friday evenings and are very enthusiastic about it.

The older youth are studying the Bible on Wednesdays (late afternoon). In these meetings we are still teaching through the statement of faith. Through the teaching those who attend are getting an insight into some of the great words of our faith, such as, atonement, sacrifice, propitiation, reconciliation, justification and sanctification.

Thursday afternoons are now taken up with training of potential leaders. The Lord has identified three young men that we are training up to step into leading the ministry. Though we are aiming to train these particular young men, the course is open to anyone. So there have been two young ladies also attending. We have been praying for someone or a couple to come in and work with us and eventually to take over the ministry. A few people showed interest but wanted us to support them. That is not possible at present. So we felt compelled to train up leaders from within the group. Here we have started by looking into the different gifts and ministries in the church. Ephesians chapter four, Romans chapter twelve, 1 Peter 4:7 – 11 and 1 Corinthians 12 – 14, form the basis for these studies, with very particular attention to the context in which the gifts and ministries appear.

Reg has helped with some open air meetings in a new area where one of the older chaps from the village is planning to start a church. He used to belong to the church in Lusaka, and helped us at the beginning here in Mabolela, and now lives near us. So the Word is spreading, but there are vast areas with many, many people still to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

We are still praying for a couple to help us in the ministry so that we can take a bit of a “back seat” for a while. It is now 7 years that we have been in Qwa Qwa full time!!


There is always room for one more. Or in our case 7 more! This all kills my financial complacency. And for a few nights I worry, toss and turn and wonder how I am going to get clothing, shoes and pay for new school uniforms and medications. It is also during these times that Paypal gives Reg and myself huge problems. Or Lesedi sells his school shoes and shirt for a kota. And Kamohelo breaks our large window with a spinning top. I sit morosely in the corner and plan how I can find another job. Then a small voice that I recognise as the Holy Spirit whispers in my heart, “you are failing your test. Don’t you know I am bigger than all this”. So up I stand trying my best to make sure meds will last until pay day comes. I go to my room and pray for my ugly mood. Then I repent and we face diapers, school tours that would pay for a ticket to London and children who need plasters. Workers who come to you on a Saturday and inform me that we need spices, gas and beans. So I deal with each problem sanely and calmly bit by bit. Then Lucky 2 throws a Grande Mal fit and all our traumatised dysfunctional children laugh at this. As I put him on his side and push away the pesky dog, I tell the laughing mob to grow up and I look into 8 and 9 year old faces. They are just children watching a 3 year old’s brain spike. And what do they understand. How can they have any compassion for anything when they all have court dates and meetings with the Child Protection Services. How can you have a sane soft view of life when you did things with Grandfather for Grandmother for 4 years. I realise how far I am from Jesus Christ and pray and think through His little children’s minds. Our Jesus will heal. I must grow up and see their perspective, lower my expectations and just get on with the job He gave me. Long ago, I was highly critical of another ministry head. But with knowledge comes understanding. I repent and carry on with the ground work. Ministry is hard and unrelenting but we have a faithful Boss.

Lusaka Christian Fellowship

Praise God that this church continues to grow. Worship services are pretty full, and new people are being added. The youth group is vibrant. The “Sunday School” is growing and the children are being taught well. The booklet, “The Greatest Gift” has been an important tool for teaching the children. Joseph and Joyce have also identified certain people in the church as potential leaders, and have started a training course with them.


The July holidays are fast approaching and we would like to run a 5 day HBC to keep the children off the streets, teach them the Bible and feed them a nutritious meal. This of course will need finance of which we are very short of at this time. Please pray with us for sponsors and donations so that we can cover the costs. The children are looking forward to the HBC and we don’t want to disappoint them.


We are very grateful to each one of you for faithfully praying for this ministry. Your prayers mean so much to us and they keep us going when things are tough. A big thank you to His Place church in Sussex, England, for praying for this ministry, and for giving the funds, so that we can continue providing food for the truly needy. Thank you to those who so faithfully give toward our work and our personal support.

Love in the Lord
Cynthia, Julia and Reg