The Bible, the inspired Word of God, is the standard for life and practice. It views work as something important that gives dignity to those who are motivated to work hard. Those who work with their hands are seen as blessed.

Division of Duties.

All staff workers and volunteers will be required to share in the normal work of the house i.e. cooking, baking, washing, ironing, dish washing, cleaning, maintenance of vehicles and of the buildings and the gardens. Those with specific talents will be used in their fields of expertise when required. When not used in their field, they will join with the others in the work that is required.

When not on ministry, staff workers and volunteers should report to the resident person in charge of domestic affairs to be assigned their duties for the day.

Saturdays will generally be regarded as an off day, in which you may do your personal business, except in such circumstances when there are prearranged ministry appointments.

On Sundays all staff and volunteers will be required to minister, or assist in the service, or attend a service, of any church affiliated to Mountain Ministries. Ministry in other churches is allowed as long as it does not clash with your commitments to any affiliated church, and is cleared with the leadership. If an outside ministry appointment does clash with your commitment to Mountain Ministries, you may get someone to stand in for you as to your commitment to Mountain Ministries, or you can ask the leadership for special permission to miss your obligation, unless it is a preaching appointment or some essential part of the service.

On Sunday’s all staff workers will assist in preparing breakfast, washing dishes, and seeing that their rooms, or dormitories are neat and tidy, and that the house is tidy before they leave for their ministry appointments.

Daily Routine.

    06H00 – Rise and Shine.
    07H30 – Breakfast followed by prayer meeting.
    08H00 – Prepare for your ministry for the day.
    09H00 – Begin your work for the day
    12H00 – Break
    14H00 – End of break and commencement of afternoon session.
    17H00 – End of work session – free time.
    19h00 – Supper, report back and prayer.
    20H00 – Free time.
    24H00 – All lights out. Everyone in his or her own bed.

All staff members and all volunteers will be required to attend or lead one mid week cell group.